Solve common soft drink cooler repair problems

Like any other commercial equipment, commercial refrigerators may fail and may require repair and maintenance. As the saying goes, "one ounce of prevention is better than one pound of treatment", preventive maintenance is the key to maintaining the life of commercial soft drink cooler.

When you face refrigeration maintenance problems, you need to understand how to solve the problems quickly and effectively.
Power Problems
Is your commercial display fridge powered off? First, make sure that your device does not turn off the power switch. You should check that the power cord is fully plugged into the outlet, as it may have been unplugged. If the problem is still not resolved, check whether the socket and ground wire are active.

Refrigerator Temperature Problem
Doesn't your bottled refrigerator cool? First, check your device. Is it placed directly by the wall? Your commercial refrigerator needs to be placed slightly away from the wall to allow room for air to circulate properly. Commercial refrigerators can withstand numerous opening and closing operations, but sometimes the gasket will wear due to wear. Your door should be properly closed and fully sealed so that the device can perform the proper cooling process.


The commercial drink coolers compressor is used to keep the food cool. If it does not work, the equipment will not cool properly. Dirt, hair, grease, etc. may accumulate in the compressor and render it inoperable. Therefore, the compressor usually needs to be cleaned every 90 days.

Evaporator Fan
Is your commercial refrigerator frozen and there are ice cubes in the entire device? First, the soft drink cooler needs to be turned off to allow the ice to melt from the evaporator. Clean the coil of the evaporator and make sure the drain line is also clean.

Lighting Problem
In this case, you need to check the lamp itself. If you need to replace the bulb, please make sure that it has been verified and approved by the device manufacturer, otherwise there is a risk of burning the power socket of the lamp.


If you still cannot find the luck to solve the problem, you need to consult a reliable commercial beverage fridge repair service. Some brands can easily find the service locator by listing a list of repair services on their website. Remember, if your refrigerator is still under the manufacturer or parts and labor warranty period, you need to check the warranty details to ensure that any repairs you or a third party will not invalidate the warranty.